DIY - Doing Jobs and not claiming credit

DIY 1 - Doing jobs and not claiming credit

As men we are genetically programmed to seek credit for our work.  If a tree falls in the forest but no one is there to congratulate you on your saw action what’s the point? The point of course is that women are far smarter than us and will quickly see through our thinly-veiled attempt to engender praise.

“Well done John you’ve changed a light bulb, and during the twenty minutes it took you to carry out that complex manoeuvre,  I’ve put the washing out, made lunch and sown Eleanor’s brownie badge on.....but do you hear me crowing?”...etc.

Far better to do the job, say nothing till your lady notices and then feign disinterested nonchalance

“Oh yeah, just thought it needed a mow”......

“What? Oh, it was nothing, just got fed up with the squeaky floorboard”

“Yeah I had half an hour before the football results so I thought I’d put an end to the escalating tensions in the Middle-East” etc.