Exercise - Set yourself a strict bedtime - then knock an hour off

EX 1 – Set yourself a strict bedtime - then knock an hour off

Sleeping is not strictly exercise, and much of the advice below is not strictly original but what is undisputable is that for mid-lifers with kids a good nights’ sleep is the new rock n roll.  The novel thrill of waking feeling fully refreshed is right up there on the mid-life excitement scale with six numbers on the lottery, a night of unbridled passion with Rhianna – sanctioned of course by your good lady - or recognising your arch school nemesis on the Crimewatch ‘Wanted’ line up.
There’s guidance a plenty out there on how to improve your sleep, with the ones that have worked for me including:

·         No caffeine after lunch
·         No more than one glass of wine
·         Wearing eye masks (though unlikely to get your good lady in the mood)
·         Don’t eat late – unless it’s a banana
·         No late night laptop / smartphone use – there’s solid scientific research to support this linked to disruptive Circadian rhythms or something along those lines
·         Don’t worry if you can’t sleep, just enjoy lying there 
·         Sex – preferably not alone
·         Getting up – and if its past 5.30 staying up

My one originalish piece of advice is to set yourself a rigid bedtime every night.....and then reduce it by an hour.  This reflects the fact that, if you’re like me, when bedtime comes a callin’ you’ll find a whole host of ridiculous things to do to prevent this happening.  My big failing is You Tube, with time which should be spent winding down with a Peppermint tea and a good book instead wasted on the likes of
·         James Corden Carpool Karaoke
·         Leicester City’s greatest goals
·         Epic Fails
·         US servicemen returning from Iraq and surprising their kids at High School, don’t mock until you’ve tried it.[1]
The point is that I am fully aware of my inability not to dick around when I should be heading up the wooden hill on a school night.  I therefore set myself a nightly goal of being tucked up by 9.45.  I probably achieve this once a week if I’m lucky, but for each less than epic fail, there’s two or three 10.45s, and only one epic fail – normally courtesy of ‘Question Time.’
So acknowledge your inherent flaws, set yourself a strict bed time, then knock an hour off.