Family - When reasoning fails, walk away

FAM 1 – When reasoning fails, walk away
All parents, no matter how intrinsically patient and generous spirited, get wound up by their kids.  If it ever emerges that Mother Teresa and Nelson Mandela had an unlikely lovechild, you can bet your bottom Rand that Nelson and ‘Mother’ will have lost their rag with little Nemo on multiple occasions, before God/wholly unjustified incarceration intervened.

All children, without fail, possess that unique ability to listen to our calmly delivered and entirely reasonable logic, and then totally disregard it.  And at this point in proceedings you, and a gaggle of Super Nannies can do absolutely nothing to prevent the ensuing teary, snot-inducing meltdown.

The only viable solution at this point is to avert your own teary, snot-inducing meltdown and walk away.  This is far easier said than done in the heat of the moment, but in a similar vein to the DIY disaster waiting to happen (see DIY 4), not walking away will only result in further damage, not to mention your little darlings becoming acquainted with a few new words well aheadoftimes.

So when reasoning fails, take a deep breath and exit stage left.  Give it an hour or so for the dust to settle and then it’s back for hugs, apologies and, if necessary, a small bribe for your little darlings not to tell Mummy those interesting new words you may have accidentally let slip earlier on.