9 pre and post big night out ‘ings’ to minimise day after damage

Pre night out

  1. Leaving wallet at home and taking cash - hence avoiding 3AM ‘The Jagerbombs are on me!!’ Chip and Pin disaster.
  2. Taking a coat…always.
  3. Setting your phone alarm to give you a reminder 30 minutes before the last train/tram - Whether you actually hear it five hours later above the music/shouting/screaming is another matter.
  4. Expecting to be very late / drunk? Clearly communicate this fact to your better half.

Post night out

  1. Eating kebab at kebab house, not yours – Scientific tests picked up chilli sauce aromas 468 days after the original large doner kebab consumption date…probably.
  2. Drinking lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of water…and then some more.
  3. Sleeping in the spare bed if you have one – For some unexplainable reason, our partners just aren’t big fans of the icy-limbed, foul-breathed snore machine, who collapses into bed at 4.32.
  4. Avoiding the sofa!!  You must avoid the sofa!! - Fail to and you’ll be woken  two hours later by your little darlings asking at mega volume whether  they can change the tv channel to the Disney Challenge from that arty French  ‘One young woman’s voyage of self-discovery’ film, still freeze framed from when sleep took you.
  5. Getting up and getting on with any job requiring single figure brain cells – And don’t even think about driving.