Feminism - There are no 'cards for Boys', no 'cards for Girls', just cards

FEM 2 – Cards for Boys, Cards for girls, Cards

The next time you’re out buying a birthday card, sidle over to the kids’ section and locate the ‘Cards for Boys’ divider.  This won’t be hard to find, just look for images of formula 1, football, pirates, spacemen etc.  Now do the same for ‘Cards for Girls’ – princesses, kittens, flowers and lots and lots of pink.  Check the aisle for shop assistants then simply switch the two dividers.

This won’t in itself change the course of gender politics, but making your kids aware of what you’ve done will, in its own small way, help them realise that there is absolutely nothing weird about a girl who wants to win a Grand Prix at Monaco or a boy who wants to be the next Alasdair McQueen.  Your kids will also be proud of you, even if this pride manifests itself in comments such as “Dad...no don’t!!” etc and scurrying away to the ‘New Baby!’ aisle.