Green your house...and kids

I work in renewable energy and sustainability, so can say with a large degree of confidence that implementing any of the following eminently simple carbon reducing measures will, do absolutely diddley-squat to save the planet

·         Replacing mega-inefficient incandescent light bulbs with LEDs

·         Utilising your (condensing) boiler’s timer and thermostat

·         Insulating your walls / loft (still free for those on lower incomes as are new boilers)

·         Pausing for thought before forking out a large five figure sum on that gas-guzzling 4*4.  If you’re a farmer fine, but if those big chunky wheels will very rarely leave tarmac then REALLY??

·         Loads of other really simple stuff that we all should, but might not necessarily have, done - Setting your printer’s default setting to double-sided, not leaving appliances on stand-by, turning off lights, screaming at your kids to turn off lights etc.

What all of the above will do, however is:

·         SAVE YOU CASH – Let’s be honest here, saving carbon but increasing costs is never going to fly, and, critically;

·         Slowly but surely convince your children that embracing carbon reduction is as normal as brushing their teeth and leaving sodden towels on the bathroom floor.

Ultimately it’s today’s mini Mid-Lifers who will be running tomorrow’s energy companies, pushing through the Government latest clean-energy incentive schemes and fronting Climate change negotiations with the real culprits (take an awkward bow China and the US).

So do the – little – that you can, save some cash and make damn sure that your kids see Carbon reduction as the norm.