Introspection - Get up, get on with it

INTRO 2 - Get up, get on with it

Google Search ‘Most miserable day of the week’.
·         First search result – ‘Tuesday most miserable day of the week’..Daily Mail
·         Second search result – ‘Wednesdays are most depressing day of the week’..Daily Telegraph
·         Fourth search result – ‘Blue Monday is the most depressing day of the year’..Guardian

Flick through a few more pages and you can quickly add Thursday and Sunday to the list, with only Friday and Saturday not tainted by potential blueness.  Now throw into the mix that for mid-lifers who enjoy a drink Friday and Saturday mornings will often coincide with a hangover which falls somewhere on the mild – mother of all hangover scale – (those frequently at the ‘mother of’ end should see also IND 2) and we can safely conclude that mid-lifers has the unique capacity to wake up feeling ansty and angry on any day ending in a ‘y’.

When faced with this, and when talking it out or a bit of quiet reflection aren’t working sometimes the only viable course of action is to get up and get on with it.  ‘It’ might be mowing the garden, cleaning out the shed, going for a jog, anything basically that makes you focus on something and keeps you away from your nearest and dearest.  This strategy comes into its own the morning after the night before, when you’re mind is simply too frazzled for CBT to work, and bottling up your thoughts and reflections from the previous night might actually be well advised... ”We were all ready to leave at 10.30 but then these girls from Dave’s work rocked up and we ended up doing flaming sambucas” etc.

The GUGOWI ™ approach won’t necessarily cure your hangover or make your good lady fall back in love with you all over again, but it will at least help you crawl back into bed (earlydoors if you’re sensible) knowing that you have contributed something to an otherwise forgettable Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday.