Management - Don't expect to be thanked

MGT3 - Don't expect to be thanked
Management is, alas, a thankless task.  As a proud upstanding mid-life manager, you’ll be genuinely committed to helping your people.  You’ll therefore spend hours writing up their appraisal forms, making  the case for their – quite potentially unjustified – pay rises.  You’ll work past midnight track-changing their appalling slap-dash report.  You’ll get in early to proof read their PowerPoint presentation and spot and correct the absolute howler of an error just minutes before it’s presented to your biggest client.  Yes you’ll give so much of yourself for them......and receive absolutely diddley-squat in the way of a ‘thank you’.

The nearest they’ll probably ever get to saying ‘thanks’ is at the Christmas do, when, suitably inebriated, they’ll stagger up and blurt out “You’re alright you” before making a bee-line for the dance floor as ‘Macarena’ cuts short their heart-felt tribute.

If you Google ‘What proportion of senior managers are psychopaths?’ – obviously not in direct line of sight of your boss - you’ll find a wide body of research showing that senior-mangers are between three and four times more likely to display psychopathic tendencies than those of us who never water-boarded small kittens as a child.  It’s not hard to see why this is the case: How effortless would management be if possessed of a healthy inability to feel guilt, remorse or empathy?

 “I ate his P45 with Fava Beans and a nice Chianti”

“I’ve gone through your Self-Appraisal Form and rewritten it so it’s now correct.” Etc.

For the majority of mid-lifers burdened by possession of the ‘like to be liked’ gene, however, it’s our burden to be the great unappreciated majority.  For all you psychopaths out there, meanwhile, congratulations and why waste time reading this when you already know you’re right?