Feminism - 'Blurred Lines' - Not a suitable 'Pass the Parcel' backing track

FEM 2 – Blurred Lines.......Not a suitable ‘Pass the Parcel’ backing track

What follows is not a strident polemic against Robin Thicke and Pharrell’s multi-platinum if morally dubious global smash hit a few years' back.  There are far, far worse examples of lyrics where pretty much every syllable bristles with rape-infused mysoginy (the jury is directed to ‘Two Live Crew’s ‘Me So Horny’).  Thicke and co’s lyrics never descend to these sordid depths, but they do plummet pretty bloody far in verse 3 when rapper T.I. is given his chance to ‘shine’

“One thing I ask of you
Lemme be the one you back that ass up to
From Malibu to Paris boo
Had a bitch, but she ain't bad as you
So, hit me up when you pass through
I'll give you something big enough to tear your ass in two”
And if that wasn’t enough.....

“So I'm just watching and waitin'
For you to salute the true big pimpin'
Not many women can refuse this pimping”

T.I. is also available for children’s parties[1].

And here’s the thing, that last statement is actually true. The appropriately named ‘Blurred Lines’ having somehow evaded censorship and achieved mainstream acceptance.  This was brought home to me the Christmas before last, when ‘Blurred Lines’ featured at both my daughters’ school discos and then provided the musical finale for a early-teen girl dance troupe performing in the local shopping precinct.  Yes Christmas just isn’t Christmas without young girls performing to lyrics advocating a life of pseudo-prostitution and violent sodomy.

The sad fact is that as long as we continue to watch, tongues a lollin’ as Emily Ratouile, or whatever the nubile young nearly naked dancer from the 'Blurred Lines' video is called[2], twerk themselves into a frenzy, then the music industry will continue to churn it out and cash it in.

Nothing’s going to change overnight, but there is something tangible that all mid-lifers in possession of anything approaching a moral compass can do to address the issue.  This is to simply ensure that their filth filter is always on standby and primed to ensure that songs such as Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’, Sisqo’s ‘Thong Song’, Nelly’s ‘Hot in Herre’[3] or Nicki Minaj and Beyonce’s ‘Feeling Myself’[4], never feature at a school disco or kids dance recital, or provide the unexpected backing track to a game of musical bumps.

Inevitably you will fail in this mission, and when you do, your second and far less comfortable task will be explaining to your kids why the sniggering Thicke, Pharrell and TI’s distorted and disturbing World of Twerk is not and cannot be the future. 

Preaching over, go forth and filter.

[1] Thanks to the late, great Bill Hicks for that.
[2] He said feigning ignorance
[3] In Nelly’s defence extreme temperatures have been proven to have a detrimental impact on our ability to spell simple words.
[4] Minaj teaming up with none other than HRH Beyoncé for a celebration of what it is to be a truly independent woman.....

Verse 1 extract : Nicki Minaj
Feelin' myself, back off, cause I'm feelin' myself, jack off
He be thinking about me when he whacks off, whacks on? Wax off
National anthem hats off, then I curve that nigga, like a bad toss
Lemme get a number two, with some Mac sauce
On The Run Tour, with my mask off

[Hook: Beyoncé]
I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' myself
I'm feelin' my, feelin' myself
I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' my, feelin' my, feelin' myself
I'm feelin' myself,  [Queen B starts to get distinctly orgasmic at this point] I'm feelin' my, feelin' myself
I'm feelin' myself, I'm feelin' myself etc.