Help elect @WhatMLCrisis as President J Trump's 42nd Tweet 'Following'!

President Donald J Trump has 21.2 million Twitter followers....v. impressive ‘The Donald!’

He is following 41 million Twi......oh hang on no he is following 41 Twitter users.


That’s a ratio of 519,512 : 1 !!!

And looking at said followers well, being charitable (see snapshot below) about their political persuasions let’s just say that very few of them will have attended ‘Burning Man’ or campaigned for Nuclear disarmament.

So today starts its campaign to be elected as the 42nd Twitter Follower of the 45th President of the United States!  If I’m successful in being followed by ‘The Donald’ I hereby promise to offer him a ‘non Fox-Newsish’ World view and make your – my hoped for social media sharers and retweeters – voice heard.

So share, retweet - copying in @POTUS of course! - and help get our voice heard