Social - Mastering the Kitchen Calendar

SOC2 - Mastering the Kitchen Calendar

Pre-kids – remember that? Your social life just sort of happened effortlessly.  It was still very much the norm to do things spontaneously, with the extent of your social pre-planning typically constituting a few dog-eared post-its on the fridge  ‘Gary Stag Bratislava 20 – 22 June renew passport’  ‘REMEMBER MOTHERS DAY!!’ etc.

And then pregnancy and to coincide with the first NCT class suddenly there was a calendar in your kitchen, and your good lady started to fill the calendar with much vigour.
Initially everything was fine:

“Steve and Jo have asked if we want to go for dinner on Friday, I’ve stuck it on the calendar.”

Fine, easily processeable.  In a short time-window we are going to Steve and Jo’s to consume food and my pregnant wife will provide taxi services, nice.

But then, she became more ambitious, and as the calendar sprouted additional columns for each of your offspring, so her vision for long term social domination took shape.

February 17th  “Me and some of the Mum’s from school are going to a wine-tasting on the first Friday in May, I’ve stuck it on the calendar”
August 2nd  “First weekend in December Barbara, Judith and I are thinking of doing a cheap spa weekend through Groupon, I’ve put it as a maybe on the calendar”

Your lady would typically impart this news as you were sprawled horizontally watching the football, ‘Pointless’ etc.  Knowing full well that you’ll grunt an acknowledgement and think nothing more of it...until on the first Tuesday in May your mate Dave spontaneously texts asking you for a beer on Friday, and feeling excited you check the calendar and NEEAHHHHH!!! WINE TASTING!  DENIED 

Because no one defeats the mighty kitchen calendar

It’s easy - but ultimately pointless to rail against the calendar, so instead make the kitchen calendar your friend!  This will be painful at first, and your likely to bear some early abuse from mates –particularly the childless ones-  for having the temerity to forward-think, but fear not they’ll be singing your praises this time next year as you and your towelling robe clad mid-life  collective sup chilled  Chardonnay and decide on your next spa treatment.

 You can also buy yourself leisure time by fabricating calendar entries.  Don’t worry what you write, Just pick out 3 or 4 free Friday / Saturday nights in the next 6 months and scribble in ‘Work Night Out’  ‘Hot Yoga with Dave’  ‘Ballet Steve’ etc, the detail can follow later.  Once it’s on, the night is yours!