Underwhelming discounts of the year awards - 2017!

Underwhelming discounts of the year awards - 2017!!

It's time to reveal the top 3 in these years 'Underwhelming discounts' competition and ooooooooooo is it close!!

At number 3 the disappearing St Miguel.........

At first glance there's nothing to see here..£4 reduced to £2.99, don't waste my time! But wait....the discount is because one of the 4 bottles of St Miguel has gone walkies -hence the liberal application of sellotape in a Dad-wrapping styley. So in reality your £2.99 gets you 3 bottles as opposed to a non-discounted 4 for £4! So the REAL discount is.....wait for it 0.3333333% 

At number 2 cor blimey mate call that a discount? .....

It appears that Australian online Notebook stores are about as charitable as their cricketers right now aka NOT ALL.  3 cents off equating to a whopping 0.3132%  Can anything beat that??

Yes! Nominally discounted chicken thighs and drumsticks can!!!

Our winner for 2017 - and possible all time, the 0.303% discount Sainsbury's found it in their hearts to offer on this thigh and drumstick ensemble.............

Think you can do better??? Send in your entries with photographic proof.