NEWSFLASH! - Dogging set to become Olympic Sport

Dogging is set to become the first post-watershed Olympic sport as the IOC looks to maximize attendance levels at Tokyo 2020.

Rio 2016 was blighted by low attendances as crowds non-flocked to events including Greco-Roman wrestling, Fencing and Handball, and reflecting on this, a 2020 organizing committee press-release today stated

"Dogging effortlessly combines the raw physicality of the wrestler, the skilled swordsmanship of the fencer the......erm hands and balls of the handballer, and throws in a liberal dose of the thinly-veiled perviness of the beach volleyballer.....what's not too like?"

A number of large corporates including BMW, Kleenex, Durex, Tinder and Cilit Bang are understood to be lined up for lucrative event sponsorship agreements.