Ice Ice Baby - 2018 'All the World's problems solved' rework

Ice Ice Baby – 2018 rework

Yo (global) VIPs, let's kick it


Ice ice baby

Ice ice baby


[Verse 1]

Alright stop, collaborate and listen

The World’s screwed if you don’t pay attention

Inflation grabs a hold of me tightly

Underpaid nurses working daily and nightly

Will pollution ever stop yo I don't know

Turn off the lights and watch the radiation glow

Corporates killing green space what a scandal

Paris Treaty rejected Trump’s a global vandal

North Korean’s rush to the Nuke that booms

Vlad’s killing your brain with a poisonous agent

Deadly when I play a soviet melody

Anything less than his arrest is a felony

Love it or leave it he’s not going away

Stuffing ballot boxes this Rusiki can play

The US gun problem who’s gonna solve it?

Remember Sandy Hook while the NRA fails to resolve it



Ice ice baby

Ice ice baby



[Verse 2]

Now that the Conservative parties jumpy

As BREXT fails to kick in and the Daily Mail gets grumpy

Just get to the point the Coalition’s breaking

Barniers spooking the MP, Boris has her shaken

No customs union if you ain't quick and nimble

Hard right going crazy at the EU symbol

Farage shouting it’s time to up tempo

And telling Tez May that it's time to go solo

UN Security, the big 5 say “No”

To peace keeping action where the oil don’t flow

Mass homeless on the street, waving just to say ‘Why?’

"Do Politicians stop?" No their limos drive by

There off to sell weapons, Saudi’s the next stop

Human Rights abuses? Yeah they know there’s a lot

And meanwhile

Weinstein has to do A1 luxury ‘therapy’

For only casting girls who’d wear less than bikinis

Non-dom non tax payers driving Lamborghinis

Jealous cause I'm always paying mine

VW fiddled my diesel gauge and only got a fine

Ready for the chumps on my Facebook wall

The chumps feeling ill because Analytica now owns them all

Warning shots rang out like a bell

When Hillary lost a vote with a Muscovite smell

Terror victims falling on the concrete real fast

So called negotiations at an perennial impasse

Tub-thumper to Tub-thumper, social media is packed

Need to take our mind’s away before the cortex gets jacked

Police on the scene you know what I mean

Chinese media blackouts the most trivial dissenting meme.

There is a problem and to truly solve it

Forget about ‘them’ the solution is to evolve ‘it’